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MilkChoco has already won hearts of fans of action, which is clearly present in the plot of this cute game. At the very beginning of the project, you can reveal story of dispute between chocolate and milk characters. Undivided territory at one point becomes the reason for hostilities unfolding in adjacent location. Main game goal is to settle a conflict through PvP battle with sworn enemy. Five milk characters must confront five chocolate opponents in one of the locations of this amazing world. We also recommend Blockbusters: Online PvP Shooter and War Tortoise 2.


Overall Info

CategoryAction DeveloperGameParadiso Version1.32.1 Size80 Mb MOD InfoUnlimited Money Requires Android4.1+


First, game occupies one of the highest lines of free shooters category in Google Play Market. It still remains popular among action lovers and has 4.4 rating.

Possibility of gameplay even on weak devices

One of main MilkChoco benefits is optimization. Game takes up no more than 20 Mb, which is many times less than other online FPS shooters. For an obvious example, you can take equally popular action shooter Blockbusters, whose weight reaches 260 Mb. This allows many players around the world to save some place in smartphone memory and play in interesting game on even weak phone.

MilkChoco Screenshot 1

The sweetest story

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Many people are used to seeing online PvP shooters as an intense battle between two teams, terrifying the enemy. MilkChoco is not one of these games. Its plot allows you to plunge into atmosphere of pretty conflict between chocolate and milk residents, who simply cannot get along in same territory. It is possible to resolve only in one case – when one of teams wins. Join the party you wish and conquest other territories.

Character personality

MilkChoco allows you not only to fight with players from all over the world, but also to create your own individual character using in-game store. Every participant has a chance to choose one of characters with own skills and abilities. Purchase of weapons and equipment can strengthen fighter in war with enemy and raise individual level of your hero to bring him to the highest bar.

MilkChoco Screenshot 2

Graphics and Sound

Entering MilkChoco, you can hear perky light music that leads to one of chosen servers, store, hero tabs, equipment and honor. However, battle process itself excludes any music, as is often the case in shooters, leaving only sounds of footsteps, shots and desperate screams of dying opponents.

Graphical component is the most simple, which is reasonable looking at small installation file volume. However, this does not make the game worse. On the contrary, style simplicity adds cartoonishness and desire to stand out to the game. Almost all locations are made of milk-chocolate tones, as bright colors are present in the wardrobe of new and professional fighters.

Mod Description

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Like other action games, MilkChoco has a variety of gear and weapons, from a simple pistol and a shaky rifle to powerful blasters. Buying characters costs a lot of money: diamonds and gold coins. It is possible to obtain each of these currencies by watching commercials. However, buying a character, equipment and quality weapons is not a problem with unlimited money option for Milk Choco. Our mod allows you to purchase everything for which there were not enough funds earlier thus making gameplay process even more interesting.

MilkChoco Screenshot 3

Mod Testing

Our team has tested MilkChoco to confirm the functionality of its mod. Indeed, unlimited money feature works well already at the first start. Endless amount of resources allows you to acquire new heroes and equipment, as well as win the battle. However, it should be borne in mind that MilkChoco focuses on multiplayer, that’s why developers release frequent updates to make sure that all users play fair. In this regard, modified version may experience problems with installation and launch on some devices. Please, be patient, as we always try to delight you with the most stable game version.

MilkChoco meets us without words with clear training. Player acts as a team of milk troops, where he must reach the place of battle surrounded by his allies.

MilkChoco Screenshot 4

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Game controls are quite simple and typical for many shooters. There is a panel for moving character on the left side and buttons for shooting, grenade launching and bomb planting on the right. The left side also helps players direct their view to necessary point. MilkChoco begins with the choice of server and its language. Going to the main menu, you can adjust appearance of your character and improve his weapons. Then just press play button in the lower right corner to start the battle.

In-game system chooses several locations on its own. Team choice is also random. Usually, battle takes place in fives, but each of playing characters can return to the battlefield after respawning. On average, one fight takes less than two minutes. This greatly facilitates the game process and makes it possible to raise your gaming rating quickly.

Our Summary

The feud between two MilkChoco nations has turned into military action and your main goal is to prevent enemy from gaining the upper hand in this sweet battle.

How to install MilkChoco Mod?

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

  1. Press download APK button to start download process.
  2. After its completion, open your file manager and select the necessary application file
  3. In case of installing APK file for the first time, your device may ask you several permissions. In order to allow installation process you have to open device settings and switch on “Allow from this source” tab.
  4. After the game installation completion, it becomes available for playing!

Don’t forget to delete original MilkChoco before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.


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